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Check out our free app that allows you to see your position while you're driving.

You'll be able to see who is in front and behind, their car number, gap, lap times and more.  Since there are many other things to pay attention to, we added simple color coding to make it easy to tell if you're gaining or losing time each lap.

This is a great tool to help with strategy--like knowing how hard to push or if you have time to be more conservative and preserve your position.

Key Features

  • Position in-class and overall, both updated in real-time.

  • Know when you’re coming up on a car that is for position or in class.

  • At a glance view of gain/loss information. Clear presentation of what you care about, such as whether you are gaining or losing time.  No need to read tiny text unless you want to.

  • Horizontal or Vertical orientation.


•    Android tablet or phone (7.0 Nougat or better)
•    Internet connection.  Hotspot or tablet/phone with SIM


When the app starts, you are presented with fields for entering your Car Number and selecting an Event.

1.    Available Events: list of events accessible in Race Hero.  Select one and Connect.
2.    Connect with Event Keyword: finds the first event that has one of the terms in the list you provided.  This is useful for when the event is not yet created by timing at the time you need to get the car on grid or to start the race.  Once timing gets the event created in Race Hero, the app will connect.
3.    Direct URL: If you have the URL of the race hero event, such as copied from a browser, you can specify it and connect.


It may take a moment to connect with Race Hero.  Once connected, event status will show in the bottom left, such as “Awaiting event to start.” It will take a lap or two of cars going past start/finish before position status is typically available.


When status is available, there will be 3 rows presented:
•    Row 1: Car in front (in-class)
•    Row 2: Your car
•    Row 3: Car behind (in-class)
The car in front and behind will include their last lap time, current gap and last lap’s gain or loss.
Each row is color coded:
•    Green: you are gaining time
•    Red: you are losing time
•    Grey: your car


•    Lock your device orientation so the orientation does not change in high-G corners.
•    Set the brightness at max unless you’re doing night driving.

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